2021 SpCCJ's Raffle

The Online Raffle is open for everyone, so if you are not participating in the Awards Dinner, you still have chances to win prizes if you buy tickets!
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2021 Raffle Winners

Admission Nation2 tickets to Flamenco ShowF23E7T1Online
Grupo AntolinWood box with three bottles of Abadía de San Quirce CrianzaF23E7T1Online
Felix Solis409 Ribera del DueroF23E5T1Online
JGCFresh Orange Juice 100% Squeezed 1 pack of 6 litresF23E2T1Online
FreixenetCan Sala Cava Gran Reserva Brut Nature 2009F23E1T2Online
YoitabiPeninsula Afternoon TeaF22E1T1Online
YoitabiSpain Up66997Onsite
Grupo AntolinWood box with three bottles of Abadía de San Quirce Crianza66989Onsite
Felix Solis409 Ribera del Duero66987Onsite
YoitabiSpain Up66980Onsite
CVNEPagos de Viña Real 201566972Onsite
ChanelClutch Bag66966Onsite
Felix Solis409 Ribera del Duero66957Onsite
YoitabiOne Night Stay at Deluxe Suite with Breakfast at Península66954Onsite
SukoruniATM Kripta Gran Reserva66949Onsite
Felix Solis409 Ribera del Duero66942Onsite
InditexZara Gift Card66936Onsite
Felix Solis409 Ribera del Duero66934Onsite
ChanelChanel Scarfe66916Onsite
LaLigaEspanyol 2021-22 pre-Season Shirt66901Onsite
SukoruniATM Kripta Gran Reserva66898Onsite
YoitabiOne night stay with a full Club InterContinental Experience66892Onsite
Felix Solis409 Ribera del Duero66886Onsite
LaLigaMajorca 2021-22 pre-Season Shirt66883Onsite
CVNEContino Reserva 201466881Onsite
Grupo AntolinWood box with three bottles of Abadía de San Quirce Crianza66867Onsite
Felix Solis409 Ribera del Duero66866Onsite
The Tokyo EDITIONOne night Deluxe King breakfasts in The Blue Room inclusive66858Onsite
JGCPata Negra Crianza 201866853Onsite
ChanelNight Fragrance66843Onsite
YoitabiOne Night Stay at Superior Deluxe Room with Breakfast for Two in Hilton Odaiba66839Onsite
InditexZara Gift Card66787Onsite
DesigualDesigual Gift Card for 2 items with no purchase limit66776Onsite
FreixenetCan Sala Cava Gran Reserva Brut Nature 200966765Onsite
Felix Solis409 Ribera del Duero66753Onsite
Solan de CabrasSolan de Cabras Mineral Water 1 pack of 20 bottles66750Onsite
Felix Solis409 Ribera del Duero66748Onsite
SukoruniATM Kripta Gran Reserva66720Onsite
Felix Solis409 Ribera del Duero66719Onsite
Felix Solis409 Ribera del Duero66717Onsite
FreixenetCan Sala Cava Gran Reserva Brut Nature 200966698Onsite
Felix Solis409 Ribera del Duero66689Onsite
YoitabiSpain Up66675Onsite
LoeweLoewe Lazo Mini Bag66674Onsite
LladróLladr Sunflower Firefly Table Lamp66667Onsite
¥ 1,000 per ticket

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